LEVITRA Frequently Asked Questions

Erectile dysfunction solution

One of the things that concerns adult men is erectile dysfunction. However, it is not only them that can suffer from ED. There are various things that can cause this condition and it is not really limited only to aging.

Some important facts about erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to maintain or get an erection. This is common with men aging 40 and above but younger men are not free from this either. Erectile dysfunction can be temporary or permanent depending on its cause.

Aging can be the most common cause of permanent ED. However, other factors can lead to this too. Diabetes and other types of diseases can also have ED as a side effect. In fact, 50% of men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction have diabetes.

Certain drugs like anti depressants are also known to result to temporary ED too. Even smoking can make you lose your ability to obtain an erection. Different psychological conditions like anxiety, depression, stress, schizophrenia, panic disorder, as well as personality disorder can cause ED too.

Erectile dysfunction treatment.

Erectile dysfunction is indeed a very serious condition for men and it can affect them badly. Many of them by the moment of realizing it become really depressed and confused. Sex is very important for them thus, losing the ability to do so will definitely affect how they function in the society.

What many of them do not know is that sometimes ED is easily treated. This is however, if the cause is temporary or can be avoided. Most men often experience ED when they are stressed or depressed. The best thing to do with this is of course to address your depression first. Anxiety can also cause you to lose erection so do not over think and relax so you can be able to maintain it.

There are also supplements and mediations that your doctor can prescribe you to battle erectile dysfunction. The most popular one are the Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra. Now, there are many questions about Levitra as it is relatively new to most people but this one is just as effective and safe as the other brands.

The most common questions about Levitra is that how does it differ from Cialis and Viagra. Unlike Cialis, Levitra can form an erection in a practical limited time and can be taken every 4 hours. Cialis gives an effect that can last up to 36 hours which is not really practical for many.

Another question about Levitra that many ask is if it's safe. Yes, Levitra is very much safe like the other brands as it also passed the FDA requirements and got their license. However, these medications are only to be consumed after professional consultation. You can only get these if you have prescriptions because it can have side effects on people with certain conditions like heart problems.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, do not be afraid or shy to seek help. This is normal and can be treated easily with a guide of a professional. Do not take medications without consultation as you don't want to make things worse.