Potential LEVITRA Side Effects

There are large numbers of guys who do not have a satisfied sex life. One of the reasons behind this is they might be suffering from erectile dysfunction. In this, the penis of the men does not stay in an erected position for a long time period. Nowadays, this particular problem can be solved in an easy manner. The best treatment used for solving this particular dysfunction is to opt for the medication known as LEVITRA. This a medicine prescribed by the physicians to those who have difficulties in keeping their penis erected.

Although LEVITRA is said to be the best treatment for erectile dysfunction, there are certain information that a male should know so that they can prevent themselves from this. This particular medicine if not consumed in a proper way can cause certain side effects. If this medicine is consumed with any other medications, it can result in making the blood pressure low. It makes the level of blood pressure so low that it can cause certain health issues. Many times it is found that when the level of blood pressure becomes low, the man faints, becomes dizzy or can even suffer from a heart attack. There are certain situations where it is suggested not to take LEVITRA. A man should not opt for LEVITRA if they are already consuming medicines known as nitrates. There are some men who consume recreational drugs like for example, amyl nitrate so they should also not take LEVITRA. These are the conditions when a man should not consume this medicine. It is said so because if the medicine is taken along with these drugs, it can give rise to various health issues.

There are several side effects that a person can suffer from after consuming LEVITRA. Some of the common side effects of LEVITRA are flushing, headache, indigestion, dizziness, upset stomach. If a man suffers from any of these side effects, he should not get tensed as these effects disappear after few hours. If by any means, any of the side effects mentioned above does not get disappeared within few hours, it is suggested to inform your family doctor.

Many times, consumption of LEVITRA can cause erection for long period time. There might be times when erection takes place for more than four hours. This is defined as an abnormal condition. This particular abnormality must be immediately cured or it can cause lasting effect on the penis that includes the inability to get the erect position. The other side effect caused by LEVITRA is men who consume it might see all things turn into blue color and might face difficulty in differentiating the colors. Most of them cannot make out a difference between green and blue. Several reports have revealed that many men even lost their vision after consuming LEVITRA. Some of them lost the vision of both the eyes whereas some of them lost one eye’s vision. It is not possible to detect that whether the problem is caused by the effects of LEVITRA or because the person is having a high blood pressure or due to intake of several other medications, so it is recommended that if a man loses his vision, he should immediately stop consuming LEVITRA.