Levitra VS Cialis VS Viagra

Dependability and safety are the factors that influence an individual when they make selection between Levitra, Viagra and Cialis. Consideration about checking how the medication can be consumed, at what time it should be consumed, side effects and risks during and after the treatment is very important before an individual purchases these medications. Levitra, Cialis and Viagra have different advantages. By providing practical and clear information on the several details of these brands for the impotence treatment, one can make an up to date selection on how to handle the problem with the help of medicines.

No medicine is permitted for selling without the permission of FDA. The manufacturers of Viagra, Cialis and Levitra have got permission from the FDA for selling their products in the market. The only legal method to obtain these drugs is to consult your physician. They will tell you the amount, time and the way to consume these medicines. When knowing about Cialis, Levitra and Viagra an individual will come across terms like PDE-5. This is a chemical ingredient that is build within the body, and restricts the adequate flow of blood to the nerves in the penis in males.

Levitra, Cialis and Viagra separately work for slowing down the PDE-5 by enlarging the vessels of the penis. This particular action allows the blood to be collected in the penis which results in its hardening therefore causing an erection. The basic difference in their method of act is that Levitra and Viagra can result in forming an erection within a limited point of time as every tablet can be used for four to five hours. On the contrary, Cialis can last for about thirty six hours.

If an individual has suffered from a stroke, heart attack or any life threatening disorder within the previous six months, it is suggested to consume these medicines after consulting with the doctor. The individuals should tell all health issues they are suffering from to the physician so that they can prescribe medicines accordingly. It is always recommended not to consume any of these medicines if you are suffering from a chest pain. Levitra can act within sixteen minutes when compared with thirty to sixty minutes that is taken by Viagra. Viagra is made in three separate dosages which mean that an individual can shorten the dose in an easy manner for increasing the potency and at the same time lessening the risks. On the contrary, Viagra is available in fifty mg and hundred mg.

A male can take Levitra after consuming food whereas Viagra should be consumed in an empty stomach. The best thing about Levitra is it does not cause any wrong effects on the vision and heart whereas Viagra causes several side effects. If we compare Cilais with Viagra and Levitra we will find that it causes a small number of wrong effects and lasts for longer time period that result in more spontaneity than Levitra and Viagra. Some of the common side effects of Cialis are back pain, headache. Although now you know the differences of these three medicines, it is better to consult the doctor before consuming any of them.