Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the failure to attain or complete an erection in order to do sexual intercourse. A number of men at different ages experience this. But men over 70 are the greater number. The causes and the extent of impotence differ as well.

This disorder is now openly talked about in society since the anti-ED drugs started to emerge. But most men are struggling to discuss it with anyone especially their respective partners. Those afflicted are also hesitant to seek medical help due to humiliation.

But one needs to be aware that this is treatable. In fact there are various types of ED medications available. There are natural remedies being offered like the herb Gingko. In a study conducted, there was 50% success in the use of Gingko while another study proved otherwise.

An amino acid called L-Arginine is also considered as a natural cure for ED. It is contained in dairy products, fish and meat but is also available in oral tablets. Research about this is a bit sketchy. It is also believed to only take effect on men who have less nitric oxide in their system.

Those suffering psychological factors leading to impotence can resort to counseling or hypnotherapy. These types of disorder are only in the mind and not more serious than those who suffer due to physical ailments. Some also experience low testosterone. Testosterone is necessary to produce erection and give sexual drive.

An approved and sure way treatment to erectile dysfunction is Levitra (Vardenafil Hcl). It comes in 20mg, 15mg, 10 mg and 5mg. It works to restore the natural blood flow to the penis to attain a full erection.

This should be used only once a day with or without food. Extra caution needs to be practiced when combining with other medications. It is imperative to not take it with nitrates, the drugs for chest pain and heart ailments. Seek medical help immediately if you feel faintness or pain after consuming the pill. Same goes with an erection that lengthened for 4 hours or more.

Vision loss is a rare but likely side effect because of the decreased flow of blood to the optic nerves. Stop the use of Vardenafil and get medical help.

Consult with a doctor before starting Levitra and discuss other diseases you are experiencing, medicines being taken and allergies. The doctor can determine which dosage is applicable. If the drug doesn't take effect during the first use, a change of dosage might be necessary. Levitra also relieves some respiratory conditions.

Levitra should be taken an hour before sex. It will not take effect without being stimulated. Avoid any alcohol while using the pill because of the possible elevation of side effects. Grapefruit is also believed to interact with Vardenafil. Discuss with your doctor your diet and vices to achieve the full performance of the drug. If already using Levitra, no other drug with same nature is needed.

Erectile dysfunction is not an unheard of disorder. Medical practitioners are not new to this either. Discuss whatever concerns you have with your personal doctor. Impotence can be a warning for some more serious health problem that you may not be aware of.